The Cloud For Small Businesses – New Research

by | Sep 16, 2020

The Cloud has been one of the defining technology terms of the past decade. New research from Amazon Web Services (more commonly know as AWS) has revealed the benefits that cloud computing brings to small businesses.

AWS and Public First conducted the survey on existing AWS customers across the UK.

Financial and Competitive Benefits

The research found benefits for SME cloud adoption included cost savings, more revenue, and easier access to public sector contracts.

Without the power of cloud technology almost three quarters of companies said that their business or operating model would not be possible.

Small business owners are increasingly looking around the world and online in order to build their customer base. Competition with bigger brands is therefore a worry for small business owners. 81% of respondents said online tools have made it easier for their business to compete with larger enterprises.

Key findings from the report include:

  • Small business AWS customers saved £9,000 (on average) each year because of their investment in the cloud
  • Companies with 1 – 49 employees said the cloud was helping them to earn an average of £61,000 in extra revenue
  • 83% responded that the use of cloud is increasingly important to stay competitive in their market

While the cloud can be perceived as a technology for big businesses, small businesses are increasingly adopting cloud-based technology. Whether they realise it or not.

Small Businesses Already Gaining An Edge With The Cloud

Cutting edge small businesses Amazon highlighted as harnessing their technology included Panintelligence a Leeds based company which provides business intelligence software. By using AWS they are working globally and use data to visualise trends in real time and operate more effectively.

Milk a London & Cardiff based visual effects company uses AWS to deliver services that would otherwise be impossible for a company of its size, from simulating an ocean for the feature film Adrift to adding artificial wings to the angels in Amazon Prime’s Good Omens.

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