John Yardley is founder and CEO of Threads Software Ltd. John began his career at the prestigious National Physical Laboratory (NPL), where Alan Turing designed the Pilot Ace, the World’s first programmable digital computer.

In his latter years at NPL, John was awarded a PhD for his ground-breaking work on the then novel idea of speech recognition by computer. On leaving NPL to start his own software company, John had to adapt quickly from the serene atmosphere of research to the cut-throat world of business. 

I am driven by the need to demystify and simplify everything in which I have a hand in designing – be it hardware, software or human interfaces.  This can involve enormous complexity “under the bonnet” – just look at the automatic gearbox for the perfect example  – but that is the price engineers pay for customer ease of use. And the customers reward us by buying our products which help them to make better use of today’s technologies and so become more effective.”  

John’s Column: