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The number of business communications sent via SMS in the first few weeks of March increased by at least 32% compared to the same weeks of January.

That’s according to new data released by of Intergo Telecom, which reveals that the COVID-19 pandemic has meant a surge in the numbers of businesses using text to speak to employees and customers.

“SMS presents an opportunity for businesses to ensure that customers and staff are kept up to date with the changing landscape. Possibly empowering vulnerable groups to access the most-needed services”, explains Intergo Telecom founder, Marios Italos. ‘We’re living through very strange times just now, and it’s important to use all the tools we have available to manage the situation. I believe that SMS could be an invaluable tool in managing communication and virus control in the coming weeks and months.”

Being contact-free, direct, immediate and cost-effective, SMS is proving to be an extremely useful communication tool in these unprecedented times.