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Wine retailer Rude Wines has selected Brightpearl to support its mission of providing quality wines to its customers in the UK.

With Brightpearl, Rude Wines gains access to a specialist retail operations platform, which enables the business to focus on growth and its vision, rather than on complicated technology and cumbersome workflows.

Founded in 2013, Rude Wines’ mission is to provide quality wines  that aren’t on the high street, without a trace of wine snobbery or confusing jargon. The brand’s free-flowing five-star reviews are testament to its success. Originally focused on the B2B market, Rude Wines plans to scale up its B2C channels and take the world of wine by storm.

To support its ecommerce growth and new distribution channels, Rude Wines chose Brightpearl. Its best-in-class retail functionality, combined with seamless Magento integration and powerful CRM module, made it a corker of a platform for the successful wine merchant.

Mark Baggot, Rude Wines’ Finance Director, explains, “Having looked at several options to streamline and improve our customer delivery and inventory management, Brightpearl’s offering stood out. We’ve high expectations for the future, and we’re confident these can be achieved, especially with our partnership with Brightpearl.”

With Brightpearl, Rude Wines has been able to automate the flow of information about its customers, order management, financials and inventory, enabling the business to buy the right stock at the right time, prevent mispicks and make quicker, more accurate business decisions. With Brightpearl’s retail operations platform in place, Rude Wines is unlocking the secrets of superior shopping experiences, enabling the brand to serve its customers faster and more seamlessly – as well as being free from error.

SVP Customer Success at Brightpearl, Justin Press, says: “Rude Wines is a fast-growing business that understands the need for specialist retail operations software – especially now its B2C channels are really ramping up. Brightpearl’s unique blend of best practice workflows and ready made integrations made it the perfect choice for the business, enabling it to focus less on process and more on strategy. We’re excited to see what products Rude Wines stocks next and which channels are next on the roadmap for this innovative company.”