Mathias Linnemann is a Co-founder and CCO of, a leading UK-based marketplace for companies seeking to hire professional freelancers and contractors. Mathias heads up Worksome’s growth, marketing and sales. He is an X-Googler, an international speaker, appointed member of the Danish Government’s board for the sharing economy, debater, panelist and podcast host. Mathias is Danish and currently lives with his family in London.

“The Freelance revolution is taking the UK by storm, with an estimated 5 million freelancers working across the country and across sectors. Leading businesses are taking note of the important impact freelancers can have on their operations, teams and bottom lines, with up to 50 per cent of these businesses now actively hiring in freelance talent. My job at Worksome is to ensure this development is brought to the table of all the UK’s SMEs, so they too can grow and thrive from the opportunities offered by the freelance network. I’ve designed my column here on SME Technology Guide to help SME business leaders in the UK cut through the challenges they face around recruitment and talent, accelerate their business, and gain massive competitive advantages. It will cover how to better find and manage the single most important resource in almost every company: the people. ”

Mathias’ column: