How small businesses can get ready for remote working

Remote working is transforming the digital economy, but small businesses face several challenges to keep up – whether that’s funding the right technology, maintaining cybersecurity or keeping teams productive.

UK businesses are being advised to ensure they are ready to accommodate the rise of remote working – or risk being left behind, according utilties and communications provider Glide, which quotes stat that say between 2008 and 2018, there was a 74% increase in the number of people working from their own home, while 68% say they’d like to work flexibly “in a way that is not currently available”.

James Warner, Managing Director of Glide Business said: “Where people once expected to travel to a place of work, clock in and stay there until eight hours later, employees are demanding more freedom. One of the biggest influencing factors has been the emergence of the digital economy. 

“Traditionally, companies needed a physical presence to do business, but this is no longer a prerequisite, and many now exist solely to provide online services, or make their money from intangible assets, like software.

“These changes are making it less essential for employees to be physically present at their place of work in order for their task to be completed, but evolving your business to provide this facility for employees isn’t without its challenges.

“It’s crucial that businesses embed a culture that is applicable inside and outside of the physical office, while a secure server, VPN access and a reliable superfast broadband connection are also essential for remote working facilitation.”

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