5 Top Tips for Retailers on Valentine’s Day

by | Feb 11, 2020

With Valentine’s Day fast approaching, Kathryn Wright, CEO of money saving deals websiteDiscount Vouchers, shares her top tips for how retailers can make the most of sales opportunities during one of the biggest dates in retail.

Find your Valentine’s Day USP

One way to get the attention of customers is a Valentine’s Day USP.  Poundland, for example, have created a stir with their £1 engagement rings. Find your unique selling point to create a buzz around your brand. Ideas include offering personalisation or gift experiences, to create thoughtful and special memories for your customers.

Optimise social media

If you don’t make it known that you are offering the perfect gifts for Valentine’s Day then all your hard work becomes redundant. By optimising your social media channels in the lead up, you can spread your message widely, cost efficiently and quickly. For those with a reasonable budget to spend, look into boosting your posts to reach targeted consumers. There are also many low cost and easy to use design tools, such as Canva, which enable you to create themed content around Valentine’s Day for your website and social channels, to help build interest.

Dedicate space to showcase themed gifts

By creating gift ideas centred around Valentine’s Day, you help to trigger a sale through the power of suggestion. Categorising products for ‘him’ and ‘her’ covering a range of budget options can also help lead customers into a sale. Be conscious that not everyone is loved up during Valentine’s Day too; a great way to appeal to singletons is to also cater for Galentine’s Day (13th February) or Singles Awareness Day (15th February).

Promote special offers and discount codes

Another way to drive sales is to offer discount codes or freebies, which simultaneously cultivate customer loyalty. For example, in the lead up to Valentine’s Day, distribute a themed newsletter to your subscribers along with a discount code or special offer. Customers love free delivery or bonus gifts which you can offer as an incentive to spend or even as a surprise with their order as a nice touch! Include a countdown timer to Valentine’s Day and then remember to push next day delivery closer to the big day for those disorganised people!

Ensure you have top notch customer service

Great customer service is a must all year round, no matter what important retail date is in the diary! Inspire and maintain loyalty by ensuring you give your customer service system a regular check over, especially before big retail events. 

Ultimately, Valentine’s Day is a great way for your business to increase its brand awareness and generate revenue at the same time. By implementing these simple tips, they can help you raise your voice and sales opportunities in order to get it right.

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